Spontex: Pea soup

Advertising Agency: TBWA, Paris, France
Creative Director: Erik Vervroegen
Copywriter: Benoit Leroux
Art Director: Philippe Taroux
Photographer: Achim Lippoth
Art Buyer: Barbara Chevalier

December, 2006


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i love the work of TBWA Paris but im sorry this doesnt do it for me.

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Agreed. Not amazing. I actually thought, without seeing the product, that it was for real pea soup and that the kid actually ate it all because it's sooo good. That would have somehow fit better. And why the heck did they photoshop the sponge on the chair? Or did they just come up with that too late? Otherwise I really like the photo itself. Has this retro grandma touch.

awassabee's picture
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lol why is there a sponge on the chair? But this don't really like strong ad, but it is a great photo shot

ivanlim's picture
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kids don't like vegetables.
in this case, it's pea soup.
so the kid uses the sponge (which is super absorbent) to suck up all the soup.
which is why he's hiding it behind his back.

AdDavid's picture
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yeah! it was confusing till i saw the product. the sponge seems photoshoped.
the sponge cud have been put under the chair, it doesn't seem to be hidden, n poor kid's gonna get spanked for the stains on his shirt. this can be reused, just remove the sponge and put the logo for campbell pea soup.

justpassingby's picture
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Ivanlim, you know what i thought? I thought he had so much soup that he pissed himself and had to soak up all the piss

ivanlim's picture
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hahhaa! a different perspective. funny.
could be an ad...

Mo's picture
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lolz....you pee if you eat a lot of peas? I thought you might fart a lot instead.

whitespace's picture
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I didn't see the sponge... I thought this was a very effective diaper ad...

PeteHH's picture
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I like the idea and the retro-looking picture, but the super-photoshopped looking sponge destroys it a bit.

ravi's picture
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Tres bien! Great French aesthetics as per usual. But definitely second best to the first ad of the series - An African woman walking back from the well carrying a Spontex sponge on her head. Still, damn, what a shot. So much conveyed by the kid's mouth and eyes!

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drunk dave
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Eric can make puke look beautiful.

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