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May 2010

Print advertisment created by Ogilvy, Peru for Spinaca, within the category: Professional Services.

The sound offers infinite possibilities.

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy, Peru
Chief Creative Officer: Aldo Canchaya
Copywriters: Manuel Malempré, Mario Anchorena
Art Director: Enrique Benitez, Luis Santillan
Photographer: Carlos A. Rojas Villa
Illustrator: Oswaldo "Chatín Del Solar, Ronald Rojas
Account Manager: Úrsula Canchaya
Producer Director: Carla Chuiman
Producers: María Fernanda Harboe, Jorge Castagne, Giancarlo Jacobi

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Is good, but not surprising!!

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Like it.

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El Truchar ofrece infinitas posibilidades.

Me parece que está Ok, nada espectacular.

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Deivid Droga
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Send you real work please.

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I'm becoming really frustrated with some of the comments on this site...

Most of the people here think a pretty picture sells shit...

Sorry, but a good idea sells stuff and this is a good idea, there as it is based on a truth that sound engineering is produced from the strangest of places like a balloon...

The industry is in serious trouble if the comments on this site are anything to go by...

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Click on the image to enlarge it, then you'll get it. Really like this. Its creative :]

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This entire set is good. A lot of stuff here invites condemnation by being derivative and lazy. But not this. Handsomely done, an extended idea that probably suffers from being so deceptively simple.

That's it.