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I was joking really.

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I love this campaign for it's imagery. The only problem with humanizing bugs is that you actually feel sorry for them and will stop killing them.

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maybe you're right on the ant one but i think this spider is still icky enough to make me wanna kill it :D

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andrej dwin
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guess that's why they made him a masturbating, porn-loving pervert :-)
to me it's far from humanizing them. they don't look cute or anything.
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AdArena: Sex Sells

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Not me.

When you have an insect infestation, you get a pretty cold heart to the buggers, not torturous, just efficient at killing.

We're going to need more lube.

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John Doe

When I see this kind of point of view comming from advertising professionals I understand how clients can say so much shit abouy what we create.

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I was joking really.

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This one I could be better, may be as the first piece.

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Are you serious Ivan? or you're just supid?

Maybe you're only Felipe Mañalich.

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I was serious. I never kill bugs. I love them. If we have a bug in the house I catch it and take it out to the garden.

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Even if its a flea? or a cockroach? o a wasp?

I don't believe you there man. If that's true then you're a better man than me.

We're going to need more lube.

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I don't mind cockroaches or wasps. I do mind parasites, that try to harm me, like fleas or ticks. I kill ticks with no hesitation when I find them in my dogs after a long walk in tall grass.

The more you examine, the more you learn about bugs the more you will like them. Disgust is usually grounded in fear. And fear is born out of the unknown.

That's me in Singapore:
I know Scorpions aren't bugs, but people have a similar irrational fear towards them.

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That scares me just looking at it!

We're going to need more lube.

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I like your point of view. This world needs more humans.

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I'm with you Ivan. I do the same.

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felipe manalich
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Hi Spider, maybe they should use a bit of the product in you...
Maybe you didn't know, but Ivan is the guy in charge of this site, so please don`t go on just putting names, like mine, in this "submit comment section". We'll really aprecciate it.
I like the campaign, not as much as the "doom" silver winning 2005 campaign for the same kind of product, also finalist this year with different executions. Salamanca's work is superb! Again!
But Ireally love the fiction aproach to the product's benefit. Great type work on the claim by the way.
Hope it wins.
Good work and congrats.

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who the fººk is Jorge Balmaceda?

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Sara Selman's son

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Jeaques Seguela

Really great campaign. Fresh idea with an awesome illustration.

I kiss you for that idea!

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Jaques Segella

Great work my brown children. I kiss you for that...if you dont win a lion someone is gonna die.

PS: Remind me to send you food and some of my old archives

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Tom Morton

Today was a great day for advertising, first thing in the morning i saw an amazing ad from chile (mortein last supper, posted early) and now, two great executions about another brand of the same agency, EURO RSCG Chile.
Thanks guys you make me believe again

Tom Morton
Chicago Ad Board CEO

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no egging, is the female fox

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Really amazing execution.
Makes me wanna wipe her hairy ass after kill her.

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I agree with Ivan. Humanizing the bug a bit, makes the killing the bug very personal and can be disturbing.

But then again, people who have infestation problem, really take it personally with the bug invading their home. Imagine coming home from hard day at work at like 11:00 at night and you just want to relax and you find a huge spider on your blanket... etc. So some people really do think the bugs are consiously trying to make their life harder (of course in reality that is not true, they just try to live and stay alive). I know it's stupid, but I think the people will respond to it well.

--good idea is enemy of great idea

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[not interested]

World's most unusual ad I have ever seen in my life.

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good work!

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I love the idea that there's a weird little spider toilet. Super ads.

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mmm, me gusta mucho el chiste, pero la idea no, m suena a viejo.
No creo q este bueno q valga mas el chiste q lo q hay q trasmitir... d todas maneras x ahi el producto mucho no ayuda.
No digo q no s pueda hacer algo excelente con el producto, solo q tampoco da para mostrar algo inteligente o parejo entre idea y producto.
just a opinion

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very good ones. execution is excellent

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great campaign: clever concept, remarkable photoshop, powerful visuals.
güena, adolfito… saludos a la ren!

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New approach.