Spice Mobiles: Statue of Liberty

Are you sure you can rely on your memory?
5MP camera phone.

Advertising Agency: Contract Advertising, Delhi, India
Executive Creative Director: Ravi Deshpande
Creative Director: Nima Namchu
Art Directors: Sheehij Kaul, Rashmi Yadav
Copywriter: Chandni Kapur


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the tajmahal one is not as good as the other two.

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I agree, I think the second two are far better.

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Copy no, layout no. Not clear enough.

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Pretty clever execution. This ones seems to work the best out of the campaign.

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This works better.

Simple ideas are the best !

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i really don´t like this campaign

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The real benefit of the product is not stated at all. The fact of not having SIM card memory doesn't mean you get "wrong" pictures. You just don't get any pictures. It has nothing to do with the product they advertise.

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fully agreee


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What SIM card memory? This is about human memory... Without a a mobile with camera, you have to rely on your own memory.

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creative director for the overall campaign was not that brilliant, sorry

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I don't like it. What big loss would that be, anyway, to remember monuments turned the other way around?

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It's not a great execution but concept is cool.

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