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1475 pencils

Yawn. So it's fast. That's enough reason to spend £50k, right?

Have Heart's picture
Have Heart
922 pencils

Done before as film. Win in Cannes.

tourist's picture
15 pencils

...for who? When? more info if your gonna trash.

puppiepoppy's picture
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It's done before as a print campaign (yes, not single but campaign of 3) that appeared in One Show annual. The product is Infiniti. Much better execution than this.

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To tourist.
Just know your stuff.

Officer's picture

Isn’t the camera on the wrong side of the Street and pointing into the wrong direction?

Maybe this is because not few drivers would want to hide that ugly car as fast as possible inside their garage ;-)

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Have Heart
922 pencils

That's the idea, dude...

nycCreative's picture
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seen this idea so many times....and i agree with conceptual eyes, would this really want to make me buy one?..every car out there says they r super fast...come on guys..give me something more than that..please?

ivanshowfine's picture
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very nice

mgvaughan's picture
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The Audi logo says it's a car ad. Other than that it's an ad for real estate.

Maxwedge's picture
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Corny, 80's, agree it's not a car ad.

hang-the-dj's picture
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Corny and flawed, make it a longer driveway for a start- that one looks more like .05 of a second to me.

Forced and obvious.

curious's picture
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why is the background so dark n gloomy?

followthebullet's picture
130 pencils

I like it. Good job

everartz's picture
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i like it but i wish they were little catchy in giving the correct details! here is the case:
1. the scene is cloudy, why on earth do we see sharp shadow behind the right tree?
2. if there should be shadow, why isnt there one behind the tree next to the garage?
3. the shadow of the big tree on the right side of the ad is way bigger and thicker than the actual tree..
for a viewer its a wow ad, to me IT IS NOT!!!


| Everartz |

BinAd'en's picture

Everatz, a simple retouch guy.

para-docs's picture

Great print.
u up there...so imbecile - i saw this ad, its from 2005, 3 years ago!
so why u have to show your ignorance in public!
it looks great 2 me, to the simple viewer...anyone who understanda liitle in creativity!
where is the car?!
what about the shadow?!
the diraction of the camera?!
u r so bored.
again - a sophisticated and beautiful print!!

Guest's picture

deja vu 100%

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