Spanjaard: Smoke

Stop imagining what it smells like and just get rid of it.

Advertising Agency: DDB South Africa
Executive Creative Director: Gareth Lessing
Art Directors: Darren Borrino, Greig Watt
Photographer: Des Ellis
Copywriters: Stuart Turner, Kenneth Van Reenen

September 2009


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Once again I find this one a little bit racist. A white girl thinks about something that smells really bad... and she thinks about black guys eating like pigs... very insensitive!

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I agree with you joe

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agree on this one as well. she's a racist bitch

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its a south-african racist bitch...

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an apartheid loving, south-african racist bitch...

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No, just your average Boer.

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Racism is stupid.

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the apartheid is back to south africa's adv

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C'mon guys, don't exagarate? Where is the Racism? They also used some smelly white guys in the first one.

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los comentarios abajo de la campaña son racistas.

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Wash your armpits, darling.

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Well - how do you know there wasnt a black involved in the campaign`?

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Oh, please. It's racist. And I'm white.

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Racist? Think before you type.

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So you say this ad is racist (I agree), but why don't anyone bitch about the one with the white guys and the racist bitch in the previous ad. I'm white and a boer so you say I'm racist, sorry dumb fucks but with your comments, aren't you racist to. Racism don't go just one way.

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no, el mal olor es por lo que comen no por lo que son dejen de ver racismo en todos lados

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good campaign

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Why are the hijackers eating potjiekos in the white racist bitch's car? Ha ha, lighten the fuck up everybody. While you guys were shitting in your pants and crying "racism", Zuma has pocketed another 4 mill of tax money and raped another 3 of his nieces brothers.

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haha, basically if ur not south african u wont understand. i can see why u think its racist, but as South africans its funny. Look at the other ads ppl. We celebrate our differences, and u need to learn to be able to laugh at one another (in a good way). stop being so damn serious. get over it ppl.

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God, I can't believe you guys are defending this stupidity. All the people making the argument about how it's some kinda double standard to not find it racist if it had white people are ridiculous. Since when has there been a stereotype reinforced about white people stinking and acting/eating/etc like animals? Yeah, miss me with that white-washed way of thinking. White people have told us we stink centuries ago and this ad is saying we stink too. I mean if they had a little diversity in here it wouldn't even be a thing.

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And while there may be the possibility that it's not inherently racist, it's certainly misguided and insensitive.

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Oh please please please get rid of that chip on your shoulder. The world is aware that racism is bad and we don't need to keep going on about it, stretching it out for another few centuries. I am a white South African and I abhorr everything the country stood for so I left, but the scars will never heal if people cry racism at every opportunity. Not everything is about you and the colour of your skin... sometimes things just are what they are with no malious or racist or sizist or sexist or jingoist or any of those things attached to them. Once you wake up and realise that you will be a happier person. I hope one day you all are.

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OMG... if you bloody "living in your ivory towers foreigners" knew anything about Africa you would know that what is in that pot is actually what some cultures eat and believe me... it stinks! Get over yourselves... !

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