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Activity Score 316

Just being picky, but I would have liked to see smoke coming out like it was ready to take off.

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Boony wants a beer
Activity Score 380

Why is the line different ("Help them learn the easy way") and in a different position in this version to the other two? The other ones, as far as I know, were the ones from Cannes, this one is something new.

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Activity Score 204

The avalanche one works the best for me. I can really imagine a curious kid standing there going "so what happens if i do this?" Nice campaign. Works on the insight that kids just would almost try anything.

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Activity Score 132

This campaign is a Caterpillar(has lots of legs) i kind'a like it. Not too crazy about it though...

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Activity Score 1394

eh...i like the lion on the best...but this whole idea is kinda thin the way they have it now.