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Hmm... This might be a little bit too lofty for button batteries. Or maybe I'm just totally not getting this. I mean, ok let's assume there is a trigger or a countdown thing (remote?) that uses button batteries but... Really? To launch a spaceship NASA kicks of the chain reaction with button batteries?

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I suppose if China thinks they can pump out enough ads, sooner or later one of them has to make sense. Maybe a little too much sugar in the ice cream when these ones were made.

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These will sit well on a tech magazine like WIRED. Don't know why they had to add that "worn" paper texture (looks more like stone texture set to multiply).


I think, therefore... yeah.

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maybe it's powering the countdown clock.

i'll bite on this one, but i don't really have use for button batteries, much less even remember what brand is this.

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Creo que funciona mejor si el copy solo dijera "turn on the world".

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