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Have Heart
922 pencils

Very nice!

ironcity's picture
55 pencils

really really cool. and the line sews everything up perfectly.

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Vege Pop
84 pencils

Beautiful all 4 of them!!

Slashh's picture
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Very nice campaign. I suppose the art direction could have been pushed to take full advantage of the "circus sideshow" look, but still very nice nonetheless.

postman's picture
951 pencils

Fresh approach without the "shame on you"-part. Great line.

ziriguidum's picture
78 pencils

Da hora, tá bem bacana...parabéns!!

Wordnerd's picture
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Yes! Great idea to show you just how things really are. Cool! But why are those looking so old? just for the looks? the idea would be stronger if it looked more "here and now" i think

Bauducco's picture
297 pencils

Excelente campanha.

rodrift's picture
21 pencils

it looks like lazy art direction. repeating fonts and ornaments for all the ads...

art could have been much better for this good concept.

an_opinion's picture
50 pencils

Not really, art direction is subjective. Anyway,good campaign.

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