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"It's a mountain. Not an ashtray." ----> You are explaining the visual!
If it would be a good picture or idea, you shouldnt need to explain it.

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Bundy Agency
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Does the logo look like a bra to anyone else or is it just me

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a good visual would speak for itself

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nice idea, However this would be a very good for "Preserve Historical places" fort etc.

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darn it, i thought the logo was a bra

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alec eiffel
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its an ashtray man. change your medication.

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Heh-heh, they definitely need to change their medication...

Add insult to injury then burn the candle at both ends.

:: Put your ears against the ground so i can walk over what you heard::

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where's the mountain???

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whats this all about??

| Everartz |

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Table Mountain,Cape Town

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What mountain a what a? Thanks for playing. You'll go home with some great prizes.

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The thing is every year, people throw cigarette butts on the mountains hiking trails, which causes fires, I think that's the proposition. Also that's the shape of the mountain..one of the 7 wonders mate.wake up.

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All ears
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The mountain is Cape town's Table mountain which caught a light when a British tourist tossed his but into the veld and started a fire. Very nice.

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the pitts
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I'm British and it looks like an ash tray to me. Maybe that's the problem - Change the shape of the mountain and stop confusing us tourists.

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It's an ashtray. Not a mountain. Do better artwork and ideas.

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Is it undignified to comment on one's own agency's work? Well, here goes. I think the copyline is just right, tonally - as it was meant to be admonishing people who throw cigarette butts from their car windows as they speed along the mountain highway. I am also against "show and tell", but I don't think it is a problem in this case.

^ ^

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No. It's an ashtray.

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hahaah yeah I first saw a bra or penis XD
erm...I'm stuip or anyone else didn't get it?
not about the garbage in national parks

don't like it definitely.

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