SOS Violence Conjugale: Office

Alison Newman is at the office, afraid to go home

Advertising Agency: Brad, Montreal, Canada
Creative Directors: Hugo Galland, Carle Coppens
Art Director: Charlotte Sitbon
Copywriter: Maxime Richer
Photographer: Jean-François Gratton / Shoot studio


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Bacon Face
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Milan Solanki
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i am wondering whether they took permission from facebook, or is it even necessary??

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hmm not bad intention

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Feels like the visuals are redundant. The FB status would have been enough on its own.

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I'd say use the visual to show she's at the office and it's late. And make the Fb status shorter - just: 'afraid to go home'.

And if we're looking over her shoulder, the Fb update can be not posted yet -- just typed, ready to post.

Presumably somebody in her position wouldn't usually readily post Fb status updates like that. So if you show it's not posted yet, you're showing she's just thinking about it -- you then bring the viewer more into her story, and the emotion of the moment of posting.


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How would you portray it's nighttime if it's an over-the-shoulder shot?

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i buy this, its acoording with reality in this times.

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not bad at all.

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I like these. well done.

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