The Hidden Pain, I Feel Fantastic / I'm Falling Apart

April 2013
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Pain isn’t always obvious. To show how we often miss the warning signs, we created ambigrams and printed the ads upside down in magazines. At first glance, the reader sees a positive phrase. But when the ad is inverted, the copy reveals a sentiment quite the opposite – revealing the hidden feelings of those who are lost and depressed.

I feel fantastic. I'm falling apart.
The signs are there if you read them. Help us save a life before it's too late.

Advertising Agency: Publicis, Singapore
Worldwide Creative Director: Erik Vervroegen
Chief Creative Officer: Ajay Thrivikraman
Associate Creative Director: Kris Ng
Art Directors: Kris Ng, Jia Ying Goh, Pei Ling Ho
Copywriters: Pei Ling Ho, Jia Ying Goh, Kris Ng
Typographers: Jia Ying Goh, Kris Ng
Photographer: Sebastian Siah Shooting Gallery Asia
Digital Imaging: Issac Aloysius Goh
Producer: Michael Kan
Agency Producer: Lynn Cheng

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I spent 10 minutes staring at the so called I'm and I didn't get it. It's not working. Too stretched for all concerned.