SOS: Farewell drinks

Farewell Drinks tonight at 6 o'clock. Everyone welcome.
Finding someone a home is always cause for celebration.

Advertising Agency: RAPP, Paris, France
Art Directors: Benoît Barennes, Eric Boussenec
Copywriters: Olivier Bertrand, Sandra Gominet
Art Buyer: Yaëlle Cattan
Photographer: Sébastien Millier

January 2011


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Interesting in that it's positions the homeless person as being part of a "normal" demographic. Not sure how I feel about it overall.

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Nice sharp contrast in the photo, and good that (it looks like) they've used a homeless man not a manicured model. My question is: are 'farewell drinks' a good idea, given 1) the role alcohol plays as a cause of homelessness and 2) the fact that it could also be read as a suicide note?

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Agreed. Good question Gerry.

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for me, the cost of drinks can be invested in finding another home for another homeless, if this is really whats the deal...

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Farewell party of a homeless person would certainly be attended by other homeless guys right? So isn't it a bit contradictory to itself?

And then GOD said...
Let there be creativity!!!

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@curiousPencil: U really nailed it with your 2nd point man! That is a great insight!

And then GOD said...
Let there be creativity!!!

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