Sooruz: Merry Christmas, Hand rail

Advertising Agency: Publicis Conseil, Paris, France
Creative Director: Olivier Altmann
Copywriter: Charles Morand
Art Directors: Charles Morand, Frédéric Royer
Photographer: Yann Lepape
Print production: Marie-France Capri, Gaël Cheval, Jean-Luc Chirio (Elysian Fields)

December 2009


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Love this stuff

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brilliant. simply brilliant. well done guys. applause and merry christmas.

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Tommy G.
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Not bad but there's some problems with the tree and the street light on the left.
They have enhanced the levels and colors but the selection give some bad results, at every time when you select something with the pen tool or any selection tool, add some feathers (maybe 2-3 px depending of the resolution).

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Tommy G.
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...and the glowing effect of the street light on the right is not interesting. Even if it was already there on the photo, it's a part of your job to make everything looks perfect. I would suggest to fill some white color inside a small circle, and blur everything 3 times at 120 to make sure it's totally blurred and use the right blending mode and also duplicate the layers a few times (also resize that second layer two times smaller, and four times for the last one).

If you want some great ray of light, dont paint it in photoshop, (trust me, it's always horrible) Use a great natural ray of light from another photo you already have and add it to the composition, once again use the right blend mode. (Multiply, screen or color dodge/burn, depending of the levels)

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too good!

they showed me a picture & i laughed
dignity has never been photographed

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Tommy G.
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this one, compared to the others, is the best, every teenagers will delight, even the child living inside us will like it.

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Amazing... perfectly targets the audience... and done in a very cool way!!! Simple and creative thought portrayed in a brilliant manner.

And then GOD said...
Let there be creativity!!!

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I'm relatively surprised that no one has pointed out the biggest flaw in this ad.

As well executed as it may be, the "handrail" is located on stairs that lead from brick sidewalks to more brick sidewalks. skateboarders stay away from surfaces that aren't smooth, especially when grinding a rail such as this one.

just a thought that a real skateboarder would look at this specific handrail as "un-grindable" which could turn your target off.

beyond that, a cool concept.

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Like it.... what about Ambient will work...

Chaminda Rathnayake

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Not for me.


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Great connection between brand and costumer.

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