Sony: Wolf

Some things in life need a little distance. Sony cybershot with sweep panorama.

Advertising Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, Australia
Creative Director: Steve Back
Art Directors: Nils Eberhardt, Vince Lagana, Wassim Kanaan
Copywriters: Steve Jackson, Steve May
Photographer: Andreas Bommert
Retoucher: Mark Sterne

April 2011


bakamono's picture
1002 pencils

Fast animals slow children, I like it!

because therefore it is

Huub's picture
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Just wait untill you hear end my friend, it gets even better!
So, this man sneaks into a cabbin, guts the wolf and pries out the young child thus leaving the carcass of the wolf behind.
But the wolf looks like it has been taxidermied anyway.. nothing fast about taxidermied wolfs.

Tommy G.'s picture
Tommy G.
897 pencils

Same low level of quality.
Keep improving!!

shahidali's picture
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Red Riding Hood?


advertising ninja's picture
advertising ninja
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ich weiss es nicht...nice concept. the woods look cool, the girl looks cool, wolf too realistic... but isnt it enough with fairy tale ads?.. isnt it a little going the too easy way? they couldve been a bit more creative and find executions for which we'd appreciate them. from our "lives" as in the line? something funnier and more original? where "distance" would really is a benefit?

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