Sony: Willow

An educated person reads one tree of books per year. Switch to e-books.

Advertising Agency: Dentsu-Smart, Moscow, Russia
Creative Director: Mikhail Kovalev
Art Directors / Illustrators: Minailova Anastasiya, Kirill Dikov
Copywriters: Katerina Kovaleva, Arakel Zatikyan
Producer: Firdinat Khakimyanov

May, 2012


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46 pencils


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2561 pencils

nice campaign great art

groovy baby!

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2869 pencils

one visual is enough... why three visuals showing the same??

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Nike Diesel
13600 pencils

why three comments asking the same ;)

CommandZ's picture
2498 pencils

Redundancy X 3 propping up a dubious factoid.

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672 pencils

I just don't believe this campaign at all.
3 of the same visuals is just monotonous.
Not at all convincing me to buy an E-reader.
The primary benefit to having a digital device is not to save trees, but to consume massive amounts of literature at ease.
It's the ability to have a variety of books with you at all time whether you're on holiday, stuck on a train or in a hotel on a business trip.

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