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Bacano Pablito creatizaso vef ni parecias

$:That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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Simple, directo. Muy buen trabajo.


se pusieron creativos los de euro baires, sigan asi. sus amigos de el PERÚ

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We get it. It's slim. All slim TVs are slim. Slim rocks. Slim is better. Our slim is even more better than their slim. Look how slim it is.

Guess what: as long as it's flat and you can hang it nobody gives a shit. Being slim is not a differentiating factor that will lead to sales.

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I couldn't agree more Salet. And on top of that, the photoshopping on this one stinks.

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You think this ad was designed 'to sell'? Not sell, my friend, it was designed 'to win'.

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julie orangutang
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So what the freakin' fuck if it was designed to win? If it was designed to win it can also sell. Your thinking is as pathetic as your tight sphincter.

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Who's got the tight sphincter? I didn't say it wouldn't sell.

Go ask your keeper for a bath, it might calm you down some.

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julie orangutang
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Hahaha, double-headed snakes need more than a bath soap.

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Woah! You sure don't sound like a lady Orangutan.

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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There are many holier-than-thou cretins on this website. As if they are the only ones who can critique an ad. Like the one above.

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You work in the UAE so what do you know????

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You're too kind.

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Sencillo, con una vuelta. Impecable.

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This is a brillant ad.
I´m sure the copywriter must be a very intelligent guy.
Nice sinthetic way of selling a slim tv.

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people don't buy one tv over another because it's slim. they buy it for a superior picture. which is why this is off strategy. and why it was never produced from the looks of it.

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It's not the same to have a 42 inch tv flat than a 42 inch tv in regular size. If you look the regular ones from the side it looks like a wash machine. It's huge. The definition is one reason, the looks it's another, but the size it's another reason as important as the others. It's one of the beneffits in a great way to communicate it.

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what i mean is people don't buy one flat screen over another because it's half an inch slimmer. i used to work on sony and the two primary factors were picture quality and price.

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Es TAAAN delgada que......

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That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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Little Father

Totally wrong proportions. Bad Photoshop. And another Slim ad.... Points for creating one more analogie in a overcrowded concept.

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to me is boring. saw too many of this.

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i think TV is too small...

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Has this become a forum for immature insults? instead of peers giving each other constructive

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Constructive feedback? Eat your anus!

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Interesting concept. Why is the photoshopping bad?

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I agree that the Photoshopping is bad. It just doesn't look believeable that the TV is really hanging on the door. It just looks like someone has plonked the picture of the Tv over the other and added the default drop shadow.

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...and now it's been done in Argentina as well.

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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I agree with those saying this is beginning to look like a cliche in the category. there's not one selling point in this ad that's relevant to anyone who really watches TV.
I disagree with those who are here insulting others.

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Another one of the holier-than-thou kind.

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Nice, but causes some questions.
Why would somebody put a TV screen on his wardrobe door?
How about opening the sliding door and hide the TV a bit... wouldn't that work a bit better?

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Why people would build a periscope using just one lego.

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Good job done.

....Method in Madness....

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Very good Job

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just brilliant.

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To everyone that's been questioning the USP of "slim"... Maybe slim TV's are a rather new thing in Argentina?... Not that I would know... Anyway. I like the idea, but agree that the art needs some touching up.

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Ron Jeremy
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This is great.

Lots of love

Uncle Ron.

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