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great concept, but lacks a bit of color in terms of direction.

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Boony wants a beer
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Seriously? Great concept? It stinks. Only things that save these turds are the amazing shots and the fact that its for Sony.

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you're right. This concept is so dated.

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Superb art-direction, but something is rotten with the idea.

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What's the problem with the idea??? It's f*cking great! It's to the point and clear from the very first viewing. On top of that great art direction and great photography.
Maybe you expect all ads on this site to be grand prix winners at Cannes or D&AD. Wake up to reality. A good ad is not per se an award winning ad.

It would be nice if you could post a reason why an ad is not good. By saying it's crap you're just mouthing an opinion, good criticism comes with a "reason why". But maybe this site is just for creatives who aren't that creative themselves and like to piss on everybody elses work.

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Nice Photography. But prey tell me what the idea is?

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Boony wants a beer
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The idea sucks because it is so extremely extremely forced. In no way does it show any kind of intelligent insight into the product, it simply shows a browser bar in a totally forced (read wrong, not interestingly out of context) environment, which I'm assuming is supposed to be a remote location in Mexico. Boring, unintelligent, and to me, made even worse by the fact that Sony have done so much good work. Just try comparing the Bravia stuff to this rubbish.

So Aishiteru, now that you know my objections, why don't you justify your glowing praise for the ads and enlighten all of us hack creatives on why they are so fantastic? Oh and "clear and to the point" doesn't quite cut it I'm afraid.

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WHAM! Agree with Booney here. You can't help but to relate to much better ads done by Sony and this is a quite obvious idea. Doesn't surprise me at all. The photos are great but what's up with the address bars? They look wrong to me.

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You're tackling exactly what I was trying to point out. How can you compare a campaign like this to Bravia? Not all briefs lead to campaigns that win awards. This campaign is selling a feature that is connected to a service and the way it's done is great.
Compare this campaign to what is going on in that same category and not to big product introductions where budget is not an issue, here budget clearly was an issue. I think these guys got the max out of it. If you can't see that that means you are either a hotshot winning big international awards year after year so you can think on a titanium level all the time or someone with little experience on big brands.

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So a great idea is related to how big the budget is? Or how the brief is stated? And if these guys got the max out of it... that's sad. They could have done more with it. Especially with a brand like Sony.

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Aishiteru Aishitenai, budget can be an obstacle for sure, but can not be an excuse.
And..yes, I would always compare every single ad from an award winning brand with the bar it set for itself.
You just can't get flattered by an average ad from The Economist or the PS2 any more. They have set the bar for themselves and that's how it works.

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Aishiteru, go study.
this work is not bad, but obviously try to be a kind of awarder job, so, in that case, have to support all kind of "reasons against".
include comparations with ANY other job.
i mean ANYONE.
we all do normal works day-by-day, awards are exception.
but we have to be able to recognize an ad when she try to be "no-normal" or exceptional and just don't get there.
about this work, like i said: not bad, but...

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This site is about ads of the world, NOT about the BEST ads of the world.

I simply see too many people here who look at everything as if it is potentially award winning and think they know it all.

So why do I need to study? Basically you are parroting me.

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It´s a diferent way of communicating a product attribute, yet no concept.

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