Sony: Pink

The [pink] Panther

Advertising Agency: Cerebro Y&R, Panama City, Panama
Creative Director / Copywriter: Jorge Heilbron
Art Director: Alberto Weand
Illustrator: Antonio Valdes

September 2007


unionjack's picture
57 pencils

bad advertising for a great screen

Olafski001's picture
1193 pencils

i like this
nice work!

sbr's picture
143 pencils

Only now I realised that the group of color squares actually reffer to the name of a movie. Maybe it's because movie tittles have different translations worldwide. I like it, even though it took me a long while to understand it.

wkanaan's picture
483 pencils

I like it, very interesting approach. Really makes you think of the clean various colors you'd see on Bravia screens. Simple, well done.

Mr. Positive's picture
Mr. Positive
178 pencils

Best use of swatch library I've ever seen.

elgrecones's picture
323 pencils

it is really eyecatching, and it is a very good work...

but it will take sometime to forget and surpass the first bravia ads...

vartan chakiyian's picture
vartan chakiyian
2 pencils

muy buena sobre todo la pantera rosa

George Silva's picture
George Silva
15 pencils

Very diferent, fresh

dragon's picture
113 pencils

Reminds me a little this:

(The Comex campaign)

capywriter's picture
5509 pencils

I actually don't get the idea that there are so many shades of the same colour in these. All I see is a few shades, being copied and pasted... It should really contain a lot more different shades...

david ogilvy's picture
david ogilvy
30 pencils

clever. fresh. visually interesting. very good
good 'pop culture' reference

mishkaa's picture
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Guest's picture

very clever because you get the idea that the TV has many different colors just in one.
It is one of the best things i ever seen!

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