Sony: Nessie

Capture the truth with a 24.6 megapixel Alpha900.

Advertising Agency: Sparkfury Creative Consultants, Singapore
Creative Directors: Michael Wee, Perry Goh
Art Director: Johnny Tan
Copywriter: Llyon Lim
Photographer: Teo studio
Digital Imagery: Eye Candi Pte Ltd
3D animation: Vividthree productions Pte Ltd

August 2008


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How many times?

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Jaap Grolleman
6992 pencils

Blaaah this is getting boring.

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again jackmancer does not get the idea.
this one is simple, fast, good message. Well done boys!
Go play with your study guys in Sydney jackmancer.
this forum is for guys who know what they are talking about.

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very nice

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Nice and simple idea. I believe if your clever enough to make this - you know it's a cliché and that becomes a part of the idea.

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Nessie again!

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Don't you get it, it's an elephant!

It's so easy to critic.

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To those who say done, learn more about advertising because you're missing something nice.

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So what if many people used Nessie before? This one stands out! Brilliant.

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Maybe you should learn more about what copycat means, this was DONE by Bravia (which copied someone else as well) but just executed in a different way, because both ideas are the same as they show that nessie is a fake. I'm sorry but this is done and dusted.

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dnic garcia
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Please no more Nessie's ads...

He just want rest in peace...

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This is funny lol

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Look again. You're not getting the point. This plays on all the old, out of focus, wobbly shots of nessie/bigfoot/ufos'. Nice idea guys, well done.

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this is nice, but a bit too subtle for my taste.

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good job!

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nice concept, i get it !
well done

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Nice. I'm sorry but I'm kinda into cryptids, so this works.

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