Sony: Music

Advertising Agency: Berlin Cameron / United, NY, USA
Creative Directors: Griffin Creech, Harry Bernstein
Art Director: Josh Webman
Copywriter: Nate Manske
Photographer: Lyndon Wade
Published: 2008


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I have music but I have no magic.

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Is it for specific culture...

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"So here's the deal. We're promoting total accessibility to music, right?"


"Cool. So here's the thing... chickens."

"... ?"

"I'm tellin' ya: chickens."

"But what do chickens have to do with -- "

"They're only part of the message, see? There's also piles of books, like, everywhere."

"... Books."

"Sure! And we have this dude in these, like, totally outrageous clothes. With cowboy boots! And this really smarmy look on his face, like, 'I got my music and you dont', see?"


"Yeah! Oh, and did I mention the garlic?"

"Uh, no, you didnt."

"Sure thing! Garlic!"

"... I see. Well, we'll be in touch. Thanks for stopping by."

"Did I tell you about the chickens?"

"Yes. You did. Thank you. We'll be in touch."

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haha that cracked me up

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I am oddly weirded out by this campaign. No offense.

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