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::son of mount malang::copywriter of The Drawing Squad
::hidup adalah proses menuju kematian yang sempurna::

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not bad at all

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Not bad but could be a little more adventurous with the choice of movies, ok herbie and Dukes were remakes but Kitt was from a TV series, no? Who would watch knight Rider on DVD. Seems like clutching at straws. Delorian, the best.

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daniel ieraci
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I like it but I'll admit that I wouldn't have gotten the Knight Rider one. Having said that, I was born in 83 so I kind of missed that show altogether (maybe the majority of other viewers would get that execution better than I would). DeLorean one is fantastic though.

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Like the art direction a lot

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Art direction is all wrong. Here's why.

This is the Artificially Sharp look - emphasis on *artificial*. It shouldn't look artificial. It shouldn't look fantastic or unreal. The idea is that, with an in-car DVD player, you could almost encounter the real BTTF DeLorean as you're driving. Emphasis on *real*.

These ads need to look real.

(BTW, DVDs aren't just movies. There are Knight Rider season boxsets on DVD.)

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-I would actually disagree with you. The DVD player brings the viewer into the "unreal" world of Hollywood. You go into their world, they don't come into yours. The art direction does a great job with the "Artificially Sharp look" and it is on par with any Hollywood post production altering you would normally see in a well art-directed movie.

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To each his own then. I still think a realistic look would've worked better. Sometimes the execution needs to contrast the idea, e.g. a funny voiceover read in a totally deadpan manner.

After all, the idea is about movies coming to life. Seeing a DeLorean on the road is already in the realm of the unreal. For the ad to *look* unreal... it's like someone telling you a joke and then going, "Geddit? Geddit?"

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Wow man.....so much on your hands you should redo it. Seriously.

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I 100% Agree!

Also, Sony is a company known for its great technology, HD and sharp images - Drawings do not match the brand identity. When using cars from programs and movies from before the 90's, I think a real life image of the cars would be more potent.

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Huh? So it's a DVD set not a DVD player? I think your line needs more work and I am sure the client would want to see the product?

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Nice, Back to the Future!
I live in Houston, TX...there's a smaller town called Humble - home of the only surviving Delorean "dealership": Here's an article:
Pretty sweet, we've got these cars all over the place here!

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After you saw the first one, you knew what the next three would be. All the same ideas, especially when they are just substituting the vehicle. Now, don't get me wrong, the art direction is amazing, but the ideas from one ad to the next could have changed a bit to keep each one fresh and original. Over all a good campaign.

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I totally agree with you, if i was the client i would want completly different executions with the same line, there are alot of ways of saying "on the road" without showing cars. The creatives got lazy here and just thought of different famous cars that are well known on tv.
But road could also mean alot of other things.

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Here's the car in real life... stuck in traffic on the 101


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The other cars are HUGE, the art director has no sense of perspective. And why in Miami?


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Yep, the proportions of the other 2 cars are wrong. And looks too fake.

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Nice photo work and this one makes a referrence, to those who know the film. I can see some obvious photoshop work, however, the style is nice. Needs some touching up, then it is all good.

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