Sony Headphones MDR-Z1000: Beatles

Advertising Agency: PKP BBDO, Vienna, Austria
Creative Director:
Christian Gosch
Art Director: Robert Dassel


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first vote 10 stars? lol! so i think i must give some balance

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Nice concept and nice attention to detail, since 'Emma' is such an English name. Although, do you need ampersands the whole time or would it look better with commas and then the ampersand before the payoff?

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One ampersand would do, yeah? before emma that is,
and I thinks a male name would be better.

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This is a twist on an ubiquitous t-shirt by Experimental Jetset ( Not particularly clever or original, though.

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Seen on t-shirt: stolen or casualty?

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I agree, I think a male name would work better and just one ampersand.

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Milan Solanki
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nice & effective :-)

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mitali prasad
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why the the way?

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