Sony: Exploding note

Hear more.
Premium DJ Headphones

Advertising Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, Sydney, Australia
Executive Creative Director: Steve Back
Creative Director: Dave Bowman
Art Director: Nic Buckingham
Copywriter: Paul Bootlis
Illustrator: Electric Art

October 2008


Julio's picture

Excelente imagen! Buen trabajo

Mandark's picture
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very nice.I would have put that explosion on both sides of the's stereo...right?

"U think it's perfect?! Press delete and start again!"

theanc's picture
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I don't know. It seems to be a bunch of ideas together. I see that the note and the headphone are look alike. Then it's strange that little notes are coming from the note-like headphone.
And I agre with Mandark. 2 notes together would be better.


thirty6chambers's picture
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i think you're confusing yourself...

dthlb72's picture
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'Music within Music', notice the space & dimension surround?

SeanMartin's picture

Two would definitely have been better because, much as I hate to write it, it looks like the note's cutting some serious cheese.

commercial artist's picture
commercial artist
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Have you ever worked in an ad agency before?

If you don't have anything of value to comment on, keep your comments to yourself.

SeanMartin's picture

You're not even worth the reply, bubba... save that I gather you worked on something and, oh gosh, I didnt say the right thing as a comment. That would definitely figure around this place.

commercial artist's picture
commercial artist
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I guess I was worth the reply, since you replied to me.

And in a way I agree with you. "This place" has a problem with inane, childish, unnecessary most of yours.

(And that's Mr. Bubba to you)

STRTLRS's picture
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This visual is strong but it's a little messy. The notes look like they're being squirted out of the note which looks like a black bean sprout. Is the big note supposed to be made out of that cushiony material used on headphones?

I think, therefore... yeah.

gmint7's picture
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it read to me like a "broken melody" ??


Roger Daly's picture
Roger Daly
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Yeah... but a bit too symbolic/simplistic.

consolidated.db's picture
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simple. great. love it.

commercial artist's picture
commercial artist
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Excellent advertising. Caught my attention. Drew me in. Gave a clear message in an interesting way.


It's only advertising.

slyseal's picture

doesn't look like its exploding at all. the notes look like they're just floating serenely into the big note. also it make more sense this way...considering the line.

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anita dharane


Guest commenter's picture
Guest commenter

I saw it more like a magnet drawing small pieces closer. or an egg cell. But the image looks great.

psalmpsynne's picture

i think the visual isnt bad and a good interpretation at that, however, the blast should have been in the front of the note and not the side.
i think that way, the impact would have been better refelected.

Vipond's picture
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i didnt think explosion either. thought it was more implying that rubbish headphones only give that one big note whereas these supposedly better ones give all these little intricacies that are usually lost.

might be totally off the mark, but thats what i got

Psycho's picture

Very nice. The usual sound is just one note, but with sony you hear so much more in the same note.

Very well captured!

psalmpsynne's picture

i think the visual is tech however, the blast would have been better if it was placed in the front rather than the side, that way the impact of the blast would have been better refelected.

Guest commenter's picture
Guest commenter

Great, my eardrums are going to burst.

Whitefang's picture
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another ad using a musical note for headphones. awesome

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Lecter Lecaros's picture
Lecter Lecaros
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really nice art direction, wow

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very goood.

love anything creative

Infected by a virus called CREATIVE | "And ya I Love Everything" |

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very nice.

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