Sony Cyber-Shot Marine Pack: Kids

Cyber-shot marine pack.
Available for T and W series.

Advertising Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi Sydney, Australia
Photographer: Stephen Stewart
Executive Creative Director: Steve Back
Creative Director: David Bowman
Art Director: Toby Pike
Copywriter: Daniel Barrett


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hair underwater? like that?

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good creative i like it.

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Wow, the hair stills lays so nicely down in water.

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Same idea as campaign on ads of the world a month ago - pool cleaner!

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Whats creative here ? Une pub pour un appareil photo qui va sous l'eau, et l'annonce, c'est, des gens qu'on prend en photo sous l'eau ! l'éxé est ratée, qui a déjà vu quelqu'un rester assis sous l'eau ? Don't like it !

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sorry, too obvious these were not taken underwater

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hi guys, anybody can explain it, i can't get what it means

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this one proves it's a comp job, thus taking the "cool" out of the campaign.
Would have like to have seen some real under water effects on clothes, maybe if they were just flaoting off the bottom would have been much cooler!

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No insight. no benefit. not even a first thought. says nothing. just a straight picture taken underwater. executed badly three times over.

It's called marine pack... MARINE PACK... then you shoot it in a pool.

get lost.


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How lame. Not only the idea, but also the execution. Why this photoshopped picture when you promote a camera that can actually take pictures under water?

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Anyone who thinks this ad is good must be crazy

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Leaving behind the underwater shot with straight hair... Why? Why is this under water? If you explain me that, i will give good credit to the people who did this.

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too literal

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More to do with colour filters than underwater...

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Ok! But why the hell they would want to do that underwater?

You have a idea but no backup for it.


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Funny that the light reflected by the water only hits the ground and not the children...

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how long one can survive underwater ?

btw why hairs are static, no bubbles


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