Sonntags Zeitung: Putin

The insight story.

Advertising Agency: Advico Young & Rubicam
Creative Directors: Philipp Skrabal, Christian Bobst
Copywriter: Martin Stulz
Art Director: Rob Hartmann
Photographer: Scheffold Vizner

December 2008


john doe's picture
john doe
1571 pencils

best swiss campaign since a long while. congrats!

Jon-Paul Mountford's picture
Jon-Paul Mountford
889 pencils

Hasn't this Russian doll idea been done to death recently.
is it just me?

Or is this about the fourth time this year, i've seen a person, inside a peson, popping out of a person.

diegocrescini's picture
56 pencils

Yes, PS3 ad.

Debasis Mata's picture
Debasis Mata

Good job. All three jobs are marvelous. But the background of this particular ad is quite disturbing.

STRTLRS's picture
1607 pencils

Shouldn't Rambo be covered in Rambo-Wannabe-Putin guts, and Rambo-Wannabe-Putin be covered in Putin The President's blood and organs? Just kidding. Nice try.

I think, therefore... yeah.

Guest's picture

Yeah, why is there a penis in the background?

Guest's picture

should've been Chuck Norris instead of Rambo, no?

Janae's picture
385 pencils

real good. i definitly like these campagne.

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