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PERSONS? Lil typo maybe, but then again it is from France so.... Why would you link hiroshima to drinking water though?
Who turned the world upside down?

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andrej dwin
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well, maybe because it shows very clearly, interestingly and strongly how serious the problem is (one people hardly are even aware of).
and don't be so arrogant about the translation. or would you prefer to read it in French?

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Good point - people are doing their best to translate their work. As long as you get the idea, that should be enough.

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Wow! These clearly bring out the seriousness of the issue!

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I hate to say it, but I don't get it either.

Having said that, I'm not the target audience, so the association of 40 Hiroshimas = clean water is lost to me.

Is water that bad in Hiroshima?

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i'm no scholar but i think the message is non-drinking water (ie polluted water) kills the equivalent of the amount of people that died in hiroshima multiplied by 40. the other ad, titanic deaths plus 911 death total multiplied by 2000. seems fairly simple to me.

not a big fan of these but must say, if you have to label the mushroom cloud, then i think the concept is not really working. pick something else...just thinking out loud.

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They could have found a better nuclear blast image.

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Luis Maram
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Uhmmm... UNICEF did it first with much better design:

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Does anyone know how they do those numbers? or what soft do they use?

Nice campaing by the way.

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i like this ad, its interesting and different!

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i like the placement and scale of "Hiroshima"

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i agree. unicef is WAY better.

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Kind of stupid, Hiroshima bomb killed 140 000 persons in a second, and here it's deaths in a year.

I think death and numbers are totally incompatible and irrespectful for the deads.

Moreover, it should be translated "8 million peopl"e with no "s" at all...
... pff french people are so badass in foreign languages.
And believe me, I'm french.

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