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Fail. Since when are kids scared of small furry animals? Kids want to play with (or at times even eat!) anything small that moves. If that kid was staring down the boogie man or the closet monster then it'd make more sense.
I also think they missed the ball by portraying the problem (threats to security) by using a mouse.

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The 1.

Solid Logo indeed...

Thinking what to think

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Pacific Blue
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he he he, indeed

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Thinking what to think

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Clever. Excellent. Great expressions on the scared kids.
Great positioning - differentiation from the un-brave.

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GREAT STUFF..................just wandering how did they manage those kids.

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They could even show some lady and man got scared of rat.

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Yeah! He is right. In fact they should have shown only elders scared and jumping on the bed and the 'born brave' kid facing some really scary creature, not this lovely looking stuart little.

Jaggy, MICA Ahmedabad

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i don't now why but i like it

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OH WOW!! kids! One of the most difficult talents for any shoot! good job with the visual and great expressions!

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Really good!!!

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