Solgar: Encourages multitasking, 4

Encourages multitasking

Advertising Agency: DDB Athens, Greece
Creative Directors: Aleka Papadia, Ioannis Neilas
Art Director: Marili Tomi
Copywriter: Giorgos Giannakeas
Illustrators: Marios Theologis, Dimitra Papadimitriou
Photographer: Harris Sfakianakis

September, 2011


NicoCiego's picture
1033 pencils

Ideas for this campaign is almost limitless.
A fun art direction for sure. :)

MadManNYC's picture
109 pencils

Clever. Global.

Kwaku The Cowboy's picture
Kwaku The Cowboy
68 pencils

Really, almost limitless.

atb2005's picture
13561 pencils

The stupidest multivitamin campaign I've seen.

robertfpeterson's picture
98 pencils

Love the art direction but the idea is lost on many of these. there needs to be a connection between the two activities the only one I saw was the hammer and the forearm exerciser.

kleenex's picture
40638 pencils

That I will agree with.

adgoodie's picture
184 pencils

I think the line could be better. Which is ironic cuz I went to DDB Athens and asked them if they were hiring, and they told me there's no work for English copywriters - only Greek. After seeing this campaign, maybe they should rethink that.

andylefty's picture
4535 pencils

Cool art direction.

Alexisg's picture
25 pencils

Straight from 80s

killazol1's picture
354 pencils

nice try but... no.

dmclink's picture
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I don't think the idea is to connect activities but to show people that they do not have to give up the things they love or the things they need to do hence the idea Multitasking...have the energy or health to do it ALL.

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