Sofia Bank: Maspalomas

Wealth. It's about attitude.

Advertising Agency: KING Helsinki, Finland
Art Director: Anne Rusanen
Copywriter: Mikko Eskelinen
Planner: Tobias Wacker
Graphic Designer: Teemu Kurko
Account Director: Daniel Tuori
Photographer: FLC 415
Published: November 2009


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Tommy G.
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Maspalomas is a prestige golf in west Africa. Very nice place to travel.

Huge Louisiane look into it.

Many problems with the shadows : everything inside the apartment has some problem with the shadows, even the umbrella outside is sick.
Just set your brush at 10% and paint natural shadows on a new layer and blend it to multiply or color dodge, depending of the levels.
Don't forget to blend everything you want to mix and add a 65% of the same layer at normal mode to invoid problems.

I'm very close to start an 'advertising photoshop school', because I'm really tired to see terrible things.'s picture
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Dear Tommy, you are the first person to acctualy tired to help good for you to bad for final line, so any ways i agree with him your shadows are wrong, follow his advise and you will improve.
I wish every coment in here wher constructive and not decostructive like the usuall I dont like, or its shit and horrible, say why and try to help, whe are artist not critics people.
check out my blog if you have a chance


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ok, i respect your opinion abput constructive opinnion, but, you really think that you are an artist?

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It seems it's intentional to show every "rich" material together-yet-separate just like they are collected from their own ads. Perhaps to emphasis the possibility of gathering expensive goodies made attractive by ads.

That's why they don't use photographs I think. Looking like real... but it's just attitude.

I love the whole campaign. I wish there were more of it. (The garage is my favorite)

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Xplain please!!!!!!!!

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can we really call your present state of aesthetics a post-hdr world. please.

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