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Pacific Blue
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Love it!
I wish I could print it in bigger size and put it on my office wall.

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Your wish is my command. It's not the best quality, but printable:

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they did a good job of replicating a vintage ad. but i don't see the point. maybe it's buried in the copy. tried reading it until my eyes started to bleed.

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andrej dwin
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neither I could read the copy, but obviously I am too old now and my memory doesn't serve me right (I'm definitely not too young to know the ad) - what vintage ad are we talking about, please?
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AdArena: Sex Sells

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nothing specific. it just looks like ads in general from the 70s.

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Someone else enjoyed Chiat/Day's self promo work from the 80/90s, I see.

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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They should have slept on it a little more before they came up with this ad.

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lol :-D... Funny comment Albondiga.

I personally like the tonality in it though (but hey - maybe I'm just an old fart... which - I guess - also puts me in the center of the target group:-))

In my opinion, this ad both build the brand and sell the stuff.

Pretty Nice.

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easy tiger
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I agree ...

nothing special ...

well done on the pitches though ... ...



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Oh!! could you please paste your copy so that I can read and know whats it all about.

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not bad , but i like the sufa . Its like orignal sufa .

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no brand signs the ad, it took me a great deal of eye bleeding to understand that the Jupiter Drawing Room is an agency and not an antique store

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Um rocketman...

If you don't know that Jupiter is an ad agency then what the F#@& are you doing in this industry?

And what are you doing on this website if you aren't interested in agencies around the world (which I assume you're not if you don't know the big international players)?

Sometimes I wonder...

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rocketman, have you been hiding under a rock?

"it took me a great deal of eye bleeding to understand that the Jupiter Drawing Room is an agency..." - TJDR is one of the world's most well-respected, creative agencies.

"...and not an antique store" - your eyes must bleed quite easily then because the first word in the first line of body copy reads, "Agencies".