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A new view for a product that was almost everything have been done. I say Almost.
Nice ads.
Go, Puerto Rico, go.

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DIsgusting just like bad breath. So, im my opinion, works.

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good grief! if your mouth smells like your feet you should really be going to see a doctor!
pretty effective message though.

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good one…

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Out of focus, no link, and indeed disgusting ad.

Everybody is creative, be yourself.

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the tongue/sock thing was done a few years ago for ariel or omo or somethinig out of london. saatchi i think.
it won alot of awards.

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I believe kre8 is right. It did seem familar. Brings the message across but I don't know if it does it well. Somehow good but gross.

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Cash White
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I think they got "sock breath" confused with "cock breath"

Also, I'd love to see a turd version.

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if the word sock wasn't mentioned above the ad, would it be clear that it's a sock?

Pros are loyal lovers.

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Hm...tell me if I'm wrong but this idea has already executed many times. But I'm not quite sure.

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The tongue has been done to death. A skunk tail tongue for mouth wash. A lady doing salsa in stillettos on a tongue for tabasco sauce. Any more mileage on the tongue idea and it could become an absolute vodka campaign.

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Ya! The best was the one for persil cubes (i think) and the sock shaped like a tongue about to lick the nice looking cubes.... remember that?

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Sadly the first thing that came to mind for me was a sexual content as i chose to not read the title

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anna fayfer
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haha i first thought this referred to "cotton-mouth" and was some sort of anti-drug ad

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drunk dave
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If you didn't know it was a sock... grey donkey cock? Interesting thought, but poorly executed.

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Guest commenter

this add is very effective and can easily be read by all ages. I personaly love this add but understand eveyones points. I think this add right away makes you smell your breathe just in case becuase everyone has been there when no one wants to talk to you becuase of the deadly smell inside on your touge, or sock.

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