Society for Community Organization: Cage, 3

Over 100,000 Hong Kong citizens are trapped in impoverished environments.
They live in cage homes, cubicle apartments and other inhumane conditions, often no bigger than 40 square feet. The longer you remain indifferent, the longer their poor living conditions will remain unchanged. Show your support for a more just and caring society and forward a letter to the government by scanning the QR code. Society for Community Organization.

Executive Creative Director: Mark Birman
Creative Directors: Kwong Chi Kit, Terry Cheng
Art Directors: Kwong Chi Kit, Dave Ho
Copywriters: Terry Cheng, Kerwin Choy
Photographer: Tim Lau
Props Maker: On Tai
Retoucher: Henry Chan
Published: December 2012


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HMMM a bunch of this stuff on this problem has popped up in the past few months.

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Looks good to me... The foot element in the visual shows the negligence of the other citizens in the country.. and also the size factor. Nice execution!

Oli Murugavel
I love any and all situations where you celebrate creativity

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