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A double page spread for soap on a rope? Hmm. Who's the target group? Wtf, I like it.

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Prisoners, soldiers, campers and scouts can be some of them :-) It's also good for home use, (not to mention people with mobility problems), but not much people use soap bars these days. Good line and good art direction, It can surely make you remember the product.

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guantanamo detainees

The man who stops advertising to save money is like the man who stops the clock to save time

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its really funny. i like it.

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jaws of wan hoon
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I like it, I like it, la. It's jaw dropping.

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super calibara
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Is there another version for us?

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thony troll
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Extra points for the photography.

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Big Friendly Mo...
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hahahaha yeah, better not drop the soap! nice one, really made me laugh

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He still looks scared tho, maybe because the soap looks like a tampon.
Nice job.

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| Everartz |

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Don't pick up the soap when your inmate purposely drop it or else.... aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaoooooooooooooooooow. nice

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Didn't like it.

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i think the great issue of this ad is the photo, cause i think its the first idea for a product like a soap on a rope that obviusly got as function not to fall of the hands.... well, that's why i think, maybe im wrong :P

(miguelandréscortés / Art Director / Leo Burnett Colombiana)

(miguelandréscortés / Graphic Creative / Y&R)

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I googled "Gahns Soap on a Rope" and the only results I received were links to this ad. Hmmm? So, you spent all that money on a SCAM AD.....TRUCHO DE LA PUÑETA

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Do you know how to use Google Uabi?


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Can any1 explain me this ad i didnt get the idea

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