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126 pencils

Hehehe. Very funny. Like it a lot! A twisted idea from a wild snow white.

simpsonson's picture
136 pencils

agree but i´m wondering if this german product was just for an english-speaking market...anyway the copy would´nt work in german...

levilevi's picture
58 pencils

It sounds like a delicious product, although the ad itself is atrocious and tacky.

cmac's picture
82 pencils

the one elf's boot looks like a penis.... probably done on purpose

jacksonrabbit's picture
290 pencils

Would fit right into a Penthouse of the 70's next to a Hai Karate ad.

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Mr Hughes
386 pencils

Shouldn't it have been Winnie the Pooh, not Snow White?

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chintan ruparel
1516 pencils

this is damn cool man! good stuff..

~ old habits die hard, older ones never do ~

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2171 pencils

totally wicked!

addyhoch10's picture
2592 pencils

nice ad, though i'd rather like to see snow white stripping down instead of the dwarfs...

gabsterhamster's picture
8 pencils

this is sort of based on that cartoon made along time ago that made fun of disney.
the art direction is terrible, the idea is very cool!

don't call me honey,.,,,

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It sucks. I think its a rip of from one Porn Animation produced by some German whacko. Wish i could find it online and show it to all of you.

BozzaNova's picture
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where's the 7th dwarf?
ha ha ha

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Heyyyy! I know they are playing strip poker!...

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