Snow globe

Memories like this don't exist on a shelf. You can't bottle the thrill of seeing your first dolphin in the wild. Or finding your first sand dollar. But you can etch it in your mind forever with a visit here.

Advertising Agency: BVK, Milwaukee, USA
Creative Director: Gary Mueller
Art Directors: Scott Krahn, Connie Casdia
Copywriters: Gary Mueller, Ross Lowinske
Photographers: Jason Lindsey, Jeff Salzer
Other additional credits: Victoria Simmons, Mary Delong
Retoucher: HacJob

January 2008


hcook5150's picture
229 pencils

The photoshop work it's awesome

juliangray's picture
987 pencils

its perfect, but again its not a dificult work... just advanced masking, bluring, brushes and liquify.

scarfinati's picture
843 pencils

Who cares about the photoshop.

The insight is great. Vacations arent about little souvenirs you put on your shelf, theyre about new memorable experiences.

Angie-chan's picture
61 pencils

paradise!!! yay!!!
love it

psm's picture
10 pencils

exactly, who cares about the photoshop! I love this ads!

RM's picture
419 pencils

Very nice, great copy too

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