Snickers: Next of Kin

Advertising Agency: Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO, London, UK
Creative Directors: Paul Belford
Art Director: Paul Belford
Copywriter: Nigel Roberts
Photographer: James Dimmock
Typographers: Paul Belford, Steve Davies, Michael C Place
Project Manager: Bryony Quarrell
Planner: Mark Fallon
Account Handlers: Alex Siewert, St John Walshe
Brand Manager: Jenny Williams
Image courtesy of D&AD


elmikel's picture
1147 pencils

Regardless of the product (if it's the chocolate bar, than I don't see any connection)I think this is a beautiful art direction here on this campaign. In fact I like it's cut but then they should take the blank space off...

Beatboxer's picture
1517 pencils

What's the point of this?

Stigset's picture
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Can someone please tell me if they are selling clothes or chocolate ? Wait, they're probably just selling an attitude .... mmmm.

ok, cool photo, but that's it, appart from that I have no clue what this is about.

Spanky's picture
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i like these for vans or etnies. or possible mountain dew. way too forced for snickers.

back2b's picture
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Maybe Snickers wants to change it's image?

Spanky's picture
4897 pencils

i don't think you can drastically change your image overnight after 70 years. it has to be a gradual evolution. or else people will call bull shit.

Umlaut's picture
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If us ad wankers don't get this, what chance do the faithful chocolate consumers have??

hang-the-dj's picture
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3 typographers? They forgot to credit the work experience kid and the cleaners.

I have no idea what's going on here and I'm not prepared to spend one more second trying.

jonft's picture
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Wow beautiful. It makes me wanting the TShirt more.

halfstring's picture
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Feels like more of a clothing ad and less about the snack. Intentional possibly.

jonft's picture
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They are in clothing now. Help - I cant find the address of the stores.

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