Snickers: Medic

Advertising Agency: Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO, London, UK
Creative Directors: Paul Belford
Art Director: Paul Belford
Copywriter: Nigel Roberts
Photographer: James Dimmock
Typographers: Paul Belford, Steve Davies, Michael C Place
Project Manager: Bryony Quarrell
Planner: Mark Fallon
Account Handlers: Alex Siewert, St John Walshe
Brand Manager: Jenny Williams
Image courtesy of D&AD


hrd2mpress's picture
62 pencils

Yet another campaign that celebrates sport as an obsessive, compulsive masochistic thing. In the original Nike tradition.

Beatboxer's picture
1519 pencils

Just give me my board back, will ya?

sloppy4's picture
1494 pencils

this guy looks as much as a skateboarder as i do a ballerina. no self-respecting skater would wear skinny jeans or that ridiculous belt. you're not gonna pull a backside 360 pop-shove-it dressed like a brooklyn hipster.

the whole campaign smells of cheese.

thirty6chambers's picture
1464 pencils

actually, quite a lot of skaters these days wear REALLY tight jeans. Check out kr3w jeans for example. Everyone wants to copy Jim Greco's style for some reason.

msred's picture
491 pencils

thats a dude? omg i thought it was a chick... ouch.

Beatboxer's picture
1519 pencils

So did I... :P

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