Snickers: Flyer

Advertising Agency: Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO, London, UK
Creative Directors: Paul Belford
Art Director: Paul Belford
Copywriter: Nigel Roberts
Photographer: James Dimmock
Typographers: Paul Belford, Steve Davies, Michael C Place
Project Manager: Bryony Quarrell
Planner: Mark Fallon
Account Handlers: Alex Siewert, St John Walshe
Brand Manager: Jenny Williams
Image courtesy of D&AD


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Shouts "Hey Target Market, eat our chocolate bar".
I'm trouble with why we don't get to see his eyes. It's just something I find annoying, when heads are cut off in ads.

Beatboxer's picture
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More annoying than those alternative cuts is the blank space they leave...

Now THAT is annoying.

scarfinati's picture
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the heads cut off is to make the model anonymous so the reader can identify with the product. Not to mention it focuses the eye ON the product.

“the blank space they leave”

wow you must be an account person. Oh my God white space, hurry fill it up with ten other benefits...

It does scream target market but at least it looks nice.

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yeah, I know it's to keep the models annonymous so the target can better see themselves in the ad. I think that technique is bullshit. We must really think they are vapid. And also annoying. So much can be communicated with the eyes.

It is a good looking ad, save for the heads cut off. I like the white space... negative space, whatever you want to call it.

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