Snickers: CPR

Advertising Agency: Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO, London, UK
Creative Directors: Paul Belford
Art Director: Paul Belford
Copywriter: Nigel Roberts
Photographer: James Dimmock
Typographers: Paul Belford, Steve Davies, Michael C Place
Project Manager: Bryony Quarrell
Planner: Mark Fallon
Account Handlers: Alex Siewert, St John Walshe
Brand Manager: Jenny Williams
Image courtesy of D&AD


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don't get it. anyone? thanks.

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Won D&AD last year or the year before.

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Yes, they won the most recent D&AD.

Ivan Raszl, admin of AotW

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My estimation of D&AD just slipped a big fat notch.

These are a wank. All Attituuuuude, no idea. Right down to the levis-like logo. You can just hear the client presentation. "We're gonna take Snickers from being a mere chocolate bar to a fashion item, an integral part of youth lifestyle blaaaaaaahhhhh"

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but why?

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Now this one i like. He's mean, has no fear of death, and it looks he just had a chocolate... Straight to the point.

Just the bloody blank spaaaaacccceeeeee.... I've tried, but i doesn't appeal to me.

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This is just too far up its own arse - sorry

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