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joey hayashi
Activity Score 28

oh's jz the same idea in this 3 ads~
1 is enough!

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Nice.. Cancer Symbol= "Crab" step on it.

Arnold Santillan

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Activity Score 765

No need to repeat exactly the same idea 3 times, only with different shots of the sneakers.

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just an art critique, the hole on the shoe, wouldn't it be in a different spot if it's supposed to be Terry Fox's shoe? however if this is to illustrate that the shoe has a cancer, then i don't get it at all.

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Activity Score 3516

OMG i need to get some sleep. i didn't see the crab. sorry. disregard my previous post. i think i'll stop posting for today, until i can get some sleep.

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Ivan, I think you should name this web page "Ads of JWT India" : ) .
Now back to the ad...Next!

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I just started noticing more of this, but prove me if I'm wrong - It looks like ALL the ad campaigns from India are one-off thought ideas, and then they attempt to roll out an entire campaign with the same direction for the series... It almost stops you from wanting to see the rest of it because you know you're in for some disappointment. An idea not explored further.
Why not try another visual but with the same pay-off like - having a footprint in the sand of the shoe with a flattened crap inside it. SO at least the series is interesting to look at.

Has anyone else noticed this shy thinking???

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PaulyG_fill in ...
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Being a cancer (b. July 19th), I'm not sure if I am supposed to take offense to this or not. Look at the poor crab, all squished.

ivan's picture

Certainly not. And, I agree - poor crab!

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Activity Score 84

nice photos. the 3 ads are exactly the same one.
I think this is like 1+1=11. i mean, "human race against cancer", so hanged used shoes, that have stepped on a crab (cancer), accidentally?... it´s got something, but they don´t get it. may be with more thinking...

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Activity Score 744

The ad is irrelevant to the line. What a great line. "the human race against cancer" for The Terry Fox Run... HUGE thumbs up. Awesome line.

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Activity Score 1047

Agree. Promote the writer. Sack the AD. Close the agency. Move to the country. Buy rocking chair and shotgun.

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Activity Score 234

"somewhere the hurting must stop"

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Crab for cancer is crap. Does anyone here have someone suffering from crab? It's horrid. Just an ad trying to be smart for the ad community. Sick.

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Lee Clow
Activity Score 46

save the crabs from bad advertising.

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This is one step too far. I don't think your average consumer would get the link between a crab and a life threatening disease.

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Activity Score 744

the art direction is superflous. The tag line is gold.

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joey hayashi
Activity Score 28

oh's jz the same idea in this 3 ads~
1 is enough!