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Dont' like this ad, nor the campaign, just the one with Cupid.

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debu purkayastha
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i like the whole campaign... i hope there is more...
never thought what would happen if newton never recovered from the falling apple... or if adam kissed the snake... or if cupid was this little devil... what about other ideas like william tell and the apple? or if an apple a day keeping the doc away?!!!

i like the twisted stuff? i also like the nice art direction on this... the fals apples and the made up set and the over the top styling... theatrical! cool!

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chamberlin ukenedo
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i like the campaign, but it could have been any green apple drink

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yeah! Great campaign. very funny and very well art directed. nice photography too. this is new age work guys. i love it!

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the mighty ham
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Very refreshing. Well done.

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nice art direction!

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nope - vodka & a guy with a headache don't mix
i like the graphic style, though

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