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Mtl Dave
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That's nice. I like the line "Old story new twist". Great metaphor. It make sens for me.

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viral fever
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very twisted very very cool stuff. hope you guys are making this into a long series and is there tv on this idea. love the idea!!!

earthworm's picture
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great connect with the product. as twisted as smirnoff twist. cool campaign. is this s big idea or what. some of the executions have a very studio feel but maybe that's intentional and deliberate!!! but really cool stuff for vodka.

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agree with you dave. what a twist to the age old cliche of historical icons. trust the idea is international even if its out of india eh?

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Nice idea. The art could have been better though. The apples are dispropotionately bigger, the girl's pink bikini top is visible, her face looks crap, the sky looks bad and the tree cutout is aweful....in fact there are similar styled visuals, the best one in India was done by V Sunil for an SMS campaign.

ryanfluet's picture
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although the pink bikini top and that model's awful look on her face are most likely errors, all the other things you've pointed out are most likely intentional... think "theatrical look." Also the sky is not photoshopped, it is a backdrop.

deep_tracy's picture
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i think those too are intentional. judging from the snake's face, the look they wanted was staged and campy.

Copy_Can's picture

The line isn't original to me - it reminds me of DDB's line for the new GTI: "The Original, Updated."

deep_tracy's picture
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naturally. the proposition's the same. this one's better, sexier, and dead on with the product (twist) and concept (old story).

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agree totally with desi.
this idea needs really great, perfect images.
concept is really nice.
so what it's something like the original, updated? it's totally in sinc with the product.

Copy_Can's picture

So what? So nothing. Let's just recycle old stuff and conform to mediocrity. HUZZAH!

satan's picture
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One of those ads dat looks good, cool, original, and is different... well I do fail to understand the ad in totality as on wat makes it stand class apart.

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this line reminds you of "the original, updated?" Taj mahal reminds me of the great wall of china but that doesn't mean they are the same.

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Very funky. I especially like the trashy look because it was done with attention to details and is absolutely intentional. Nice work JWT and thanks to an apparently cool client.

Chris's picture
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Looks like a bollywood set

the.adnerd's picture
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no copy_can, i didn't mean to say it's ok to recycle. if one does it intentionally, it's giving in to mediocrity.
i meant that in this case, the concept is so in sync with the product, that it doesn't remind me at all of vw.

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Quite weird snake that is. Sort of looks like a fish.

I think de idea is ok. But like the other examples better (this snake freaks me out).

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gud, tricky, says d message, hope i'll make sumthing classy like that 1 day

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the art director does not have and eye towards detail

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Im gonna go ahead and say that the pink "bikini" is actually leaves, seeing as there is some in her hair too.

Guest's picture

can somone tell me, when this smirnoff green apple maded? in whic year

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