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Maybe, just maybe, the copy has lost something in translation.

If not, perhaps someone should read it again.

At the moment it reads that help is needed to abuse boys, whereas I'm assuming it's supposed to say something like: You can help prevent abuse.

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hahah! who doesnt like to help abuse boys?!?

i see what you mean..prevent would work much better here.

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nice art direction.

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cute concept

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simple, but pretty cute

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thats the problem with this ad - its cute!
if 1 out 0f 6 boys is getting sexually abused,it is a damn disturbing stats. so the idea has to hit you in the gut and make you proactive and want to do something about it. this one makes u go 'oh, so sweet'
this ad is of very little help to vatsalya or the abused boys. dont think it will work with the awards jury either.

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Totally agree with aj... so Cute,so Literal,so "un-compelling."

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Although I see mostly smiley faces, I also see the sad ones. The large number of sad ones and by reference to the statistic is enough to catch my attention. I also see the connotation to instant messaging, albeit quite subtle.

I think it could've been done better if they used a different color or tone for the unhappy faces like light blue, that way you see the contrast even sharper

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aj, you've hit the nail on the head.

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help sexual abuse? or what??

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