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very nice art direction and overall too

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Vege Pop
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Why is she wrapped in?

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i think it's like a postoperatory photo. as you take your bandages of after plastic surgery and this is the result

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I think that by visiting the site you'll become funnier person.
it's rubish.

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Hm she's got a nose lip ear job done. Don't forget hair reduction and botox. Looks like the doctor did quite a nice job. Funny.

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nice one

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That smooth skin, those high cheekbones and that golden skin tone... what a model!

It's a cool concept. I would really love to see the logo a little bigger so you don't have to look so hard to associate the concept with the brand, but overall it's a good one.


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Its intriguing, and looks nice, so I'll give it that, but I don't know anything about clicknet, and whilst I get that the whole idea is to encourage you to find out more, where's the carrot?

Also the logos are so small that, even when enlarged its barely readable.

We all hate having to stick the logos in but this is rediculous.


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Nice. inspired from BANKSY ?

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Will an ad work if advertising professionals have to start explaining it "...I think...". What about the public who sees the ad? Will they get it? Isn't it waste of money?
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personally, i would not be happy if i ended up looking like that.

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I Like the way of thinking

Saidu Karinga
The Idiot

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i think it gets the message across that this site will make you happy. its a pretty fresh visual at least to my eyes. but i wish the line payed off the visual a little better.

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I like it - but that image is going to pop up in one of my nightmares some day :))))

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Pure concept, and nicely produced. Even if it'll give kiddies nightmares.