Smart: Marshmallow

Tougher than it looks. Smart.

Advertising Agency: BBDO, New York, United States of America
Chief Creative Officers: David Lubars, Bill Bruce
Creative Directors: Pierre Lipton
Copywriter: Pierre Lipton
Art Director: James Clunie


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Direct to the point!


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Good idea and execution.

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Tommy G.
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Toilet paper would have been good too. Better in my opinion.

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Idea is a bit too random for me.


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Nice one.


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nice, direct

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I really think there's some BBDO worship going on here. These ads are merely okay.


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Jet Propulsion Lab
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This is almost laughable.

Actually, it IS laughable.

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Toilet paper??? I don´t get your point, Tommy G.
I love this idea and execution.

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vw polo campaign for me...

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strong isn't the selling point for the small. it's that the damn car is tiny. you can park sideways between two regular cars. that's great, especially in places like NYC.

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krautland here is a question for you (i work at BBDO detroit and work closely with this client on a daily basis).

Everybody knows the car is small. they do not need to be told "hey look! this is a small car!" Why on earth would we produce a campaign telling people what they know. they know they can park in small spaces. they know it saves gas. duh.

the one thing preventing potential buyers from buying is the safety concerns. it looks flimsy and pussy on the outside, but in fact has a really advanced inner-shell.

When you're all done with ad school krautland, you'll see that clients actually have business problems, and there's a lot lurking behind the surface of what appears to be a simple solution that your little brain can't wrap his/her head around.

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Just to be fair, I could imagine that this insight highlights one of many differences between the European/German and North American marketplaces. No matter how well-built the Smart is, only a suicidal maniac would take it out on the Autobahn. And the street systems within most European cities were laid long before the automobile was invented... Thus the USP in Europe is still the obvious one of size...

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well maybe smart should decide what it wants to be. ie volvo = safe, ferrai = fast and not try to be everything to everyone. small and tough would have hit closer to home, and if you work closely with your clientele on a daily then perhaps you should share this basic tidbit....

and by the way this does not in anyway look to be a simple solution, it could have been but this isnt

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actually that is the selling point of this car. everyone can see how small it is. you dont need an ad to emphasize the size, but you DO need one talking about safety, which is not nearly as apparent as size.

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ahhhh head exploding too much to say too little attention to waste

these ads are forcing a visual that isn't that simple, natural or enlightening. And are these saying they are tough marshmallows or that they are tough?

because a tough marshmallow just means you left the bag open too long and you get that stall chalky taste with it.

and if the brief was for safety, none of these look that safe, actually the opposite if you were inside that wonderful metal marshmallow you'd probably need a tetanus shot...

could go on... and on


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thanks for telling me it is marshmallow.

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It's a marshmallow?! I though it is one of those ear blockers things we get in planes. Either way, this is too creative for my comprehension. Good luck to the target market....oh wait, I AM the target market... eek!

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Tommy G.
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Because the marshmallow is a bit hard to see. The toilet paper (with the hole inside) would have been easier to recognize.
In fact, I got some difficulties to recognize it, wish it was what I first thought.
Great execution. love the metal structure.

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It's all lies! These visuals are very disconnected to me. If you showed me a turtle shell and said that it's tougher than it looks, that would relate better. These 3 things are far from an ounce of tough. Perhaps it needs some more explanation for me to get.

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Guest have a long way to go young man.

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In hind sight, it could work. I guess I was over thinking it. Simple idea, it's growing on me.

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this sort of visual solution is getting old and expected. I saw something like this 10 or 15 years ago.

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Nice insight. Even nicer adverts. Congrats to the team.

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seen few similar execution in last few months

but liked the idea


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this I dig. What can be softer than a marshmallow?
Direct and simple = it can work

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