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the whole campaign is great, but i think this is probably the worst execution of the lot (cows are plenty soft compared to rocks and trucks).

that said, this is still frikking brilliant.

please tell me no one did this before.

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I agree. Cows are not the typical hard structure that motorists should be afraid of. Of course a cow can do a lot of damage to your windshield, but I think a lamp post would've been a better choice. Except that lamp posts don't walk in the middle of the road.

Ivan Raszl, admin of AotW

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A fallen tree would be great, but I guess they are going for variety. :)

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I've seen another ad from this campaign with a fallen tree. ;D
I really love it and I think execution is not as bad...

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True Ivan, lamp posts dont walk in the middle of the road. that kinda disqualifies the "rock" execution.

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genius - great to see fresh ideas

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I haven't seen the others yet, and i think it works just fine. A cow would smash whatever I was driving. Can't wait to see the others. 8.3 chipolas.

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O.K. The execution is quite bad but I love it anyway. Beautiful layouts and a really fresh idea.

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