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awful. just awful.

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the thing is, it doesn't look lige magic.

i like the line "it's not magic, it's mathematics", but i really don't see ANYTHING to do with magic there... not even the art direction (and maybe the art direction alone could have saved these).

looks like the stopped trying at the middle of the brainstorming.

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i agree... it doesn't look like magic... bad art direction just killed the concept... too bad

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actualy i quite liked it... most kids hate mathematics and think like its such a load on thier head.

They think that other kids who crack math are geniuses or with magic powers!!

What this campaign tells them is hey, its simple and logical not some magic impossible stuff...

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exactly... so where's the magical stuff?

anyway i see what you mean, supergirl.
anyway i don't hate them. i just wouldn't date them. :)

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