SM Stores: Pets do, 2

Pets do. Toys don't.
The SM Store toys department.

Advertising Agency: Cheil Communications, New Delhi, India
National Creative Director: Prathap Suthan
Executive Creative Director / Art Director: Viral Pandya
Copywriter: Prathap Suthan, Sabu Paul
Photographer: Siddharth Misra
Published: November 2007


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This is so bad in many levels...'a pet is not a toy, it's for life' - slogan used in HK for SPCA.

Please respect life, even if you are trying to promote sex toy or sth, I don't care.

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Some people buy pet because of their cuteness. When things goes bad, like when they are sick, or when the dog gets older and there's no room for them, the owners start neglecting them.

You are right, it is life. That's why the people should stop treating like animals like they are object. If you want companion, fine. If that's the case, then they should all ready expect all the care that has to be given to the animal. But if you want only cuteness, buy the freaking toy.

In the United States there is strict law that prevents pet owner from hurting the pet. But other country, especially in Asia, is not like that. They can buy a puppy, then face the reality of raising a pet, and then dump them on the street. That's worse.

--good idea is enemy of great idea

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i dont know about the idea but the art n photography is really good. viral pandya's involvemnet is showing

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