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I don't know if the line is right, but it's a nice ad. Maybe something more like "follows every curve with unwavering precision" – (Says the art director).

Mr.Top's picture
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Yeah, but if it is an offroad car, wouldn't you like to get out of those tracks? I think it doesn't fit the product at all.

A.G. Pennypacker's picture
A.G. Pennypacker
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I love this visual. As a child I clearly remember the curves being the one place on those toy tracks where I had the least control and the car would always go flying off the track across the room. This is pretty cool.

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Bundy Agency
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i reckon Joe will have about 16 of these on his site
i know audi have done it, and ford falcon over here did the TVC but im sure theres plenty of them

oshe's picture
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Una buena idea y una buena gráfica, hacen algo bueno.

(buen trabajo)


Lobna's picture
52 pencils

over-used idea
and total control, why isn't it between the right lines? and if it is on purpose, then why isn't it symetrical? :P

kgeiger's picture
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I second the motion.

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Mr. Moustache
19 pencils

excellent idea to clarify what means AWD experience and performance in several Japanese and German vehicles, nice art direction. Very Good.

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I'm tired of these "deja-vu" stuff... it gives me too much work to do :-)

http://www.joelapompe.net / Facebook : Joelapompe

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you to say where you appear to deja vu of this ad, I look for in his site and nonencounter.


Ummmmmmmmm ????

Very good idea.

thirty6chambers's picture
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leave the unsharp mask alone if you don't know how to use it!
idea is mediocre at best.

EGGO's picture
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Poor photoshop in every way possible.

You have to hate advertising in order to truly love it.

Rog's picture
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Cool, but done.
And done better.
In Australia.
'nuff said.

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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nice idea, but didnt like the retouching... and this ad gives me a misty feeling, the colors, the ambient... could be more entertaining or colorful maybe...

jenm's picture
40 pencils

I like the easiness and the aero-dynamic atmosphere of the idea.
photoshop could definetly be better!

jenm's picture
40 pencils

I like the easiness and the aero-dynamic atmosphere of the idea.
photoshop could definetly be better!

teenie's picture
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I'd have added a better twist to the headline--something to reflect that most people who love to drive probably had a race-car set as a kid. It feels like the visual could be better served with a headline that better reflects the idea.

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Dear friend "MFCARS"
this have been done in 2000 in Argentina for Audi.
Advertising Agency: VEGAOLMOSPONCE
you can see it in the Cannes Archive.


http://www.joelapompe.net / Facebook : Joelapompe

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i saw before, and better executed... joelapompe said...

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